Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels Albums
Label AST Title Date
New Voice 2000 Take A Ride 1966
New Voice 2002 Breakout 1966
New Voice 2003 Sock It To Me 1967
New Voice 2004 All Mitch Ryder Hits 1967
Crewe 1335 All The Heavy Hits 1967
New Voice 2005 Mitch Ryder Sings The Hits (SOLO) 1968
Mitch Ryder
Label AST Title Date
Dyno Voice 3-1901 What Now My Love?  1967
Dot DLF-25963 The Detroit-Memphis Experience 1969
Detroit Featuring Mitch Ryder
Label AST Title Date
Paramount 6010 Detroit 1971
MCA 25970 Detroit (reissue) 1987
Mitch Ryder - European Releases (Singles)
Label AST Title Date
Line LS-1004 Nice And Easy /
Passion's Wheel
Line LS-1014 Freezin' In Hell /
Long Hard Road
Line LS-1028 Ain't Nobody White /
It's My Life
Line LS-1038 War /
Don't Wanna Hear It
Line LS-1048 Red Scar Eyes /
We're Gonna Win
Line LS-1121 Er ist Nicht Mein President /
Line LMS-3004 Rock 'N' Roll /
Soul Kitchen
Line LMS-3013 We're Gonna Win /
Beyond The Wall-Bare Your Soul
Mitch Ryder - European Releases (Albums)
Label AST Title Date
Line LLP-5002 How I Spent My Vacation 1979
Line LLP-5046 Naked But Not Dead 1980
Line LDLP-8001 Live Talkies 1981
Line LLP-5100 Got Change For A Million 1981
Line LLP-5200 Smart Ass 1982
Line Never Kick a Sleeping Dog 1983
Line LRMC-50.007 Legendary Full Moon Concert 1985
Line In The China Shop 1986
Line 5.00030 Red Blood, White Mink 1988
Line The Beautiful Toulang Sunset 1990
Line LICD9.01180 La Gash 1992
Line LMS 9.01306 Live AT The Logo Hamburg 1992
Line Rite Of Passage 1994
Line LMS 9.01332 Monkey Island 1999
Buschfunk The Old Man Springs A Boner 2003
Buschfunk A Dark Caucasian Blue 2004
Buschfunk Devil With Her Blue Dress Off 2005
Buschfunk The Acquitted Idiot 2006
Buschfunk Red Scar Eyes 2006
Buschfunk The Ryder-Sessions 2007
Buschfunk You Deserve My Art 2008
Buschfunk Live In America 2008 2008
Buschfunk Air Harmonie - Live In Bonn 2008 2008
Buschfunk Detroit Ain't Dead Yet (The Promise) 2010
Buschfunk Extended Versions 2010
Buschfunk Live Talkies Plus One Extra Live Concert 2011
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